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"At any given time, 15% to 20% of adults will report having back pain and 10% to 20% will report neck pain symptoms." 48 million adults struggle with back or neck pain each day in the US alone. Many of them have been 'getting wrong care'. We have made it our mission to help back and neck pain suffererers get RIGHT care world wide.

We have been working on this mission since 2002. During this past two decades, we have made significant progresses, but have also encountered countless challenges and have made countless mistakes. We keep looking for and welcoming like-minded partners to join our journey to make the world a better place, by helping back pain and neck pain sufferers get the RIGHT care with however little we may be able to contribute.

Please tell others and spread words about what we do. Together, we can help more and more people get RIGHT care.



Now in its 16th year of serving individual and institutional customers from New York to London, Ajuvia™ was founded in 2002 because of a real need.

Our founder Mr. Patrick Lee experienced firsthand what it meant to have a debilitating back pain a year earlier. After having tried different products that were available on the market at the time, he couldn’t find any relief to his back issues.

As an engineer with an entrepreneurial mindset, Mr. Lee quickly went to find solutions that would deliver real results. After exploring Back Pain, Human Spinal Neuromechanics and working with a number of therapists and physicians, he produced a series of prototypes of his first product in 2002 which resolved his pain naturally and went on to become the beloved Back Vitalizer™. And a medical device R&D company was born in Toronto, Canada.

Over the years, Ajuvia’s service scope has been enriched from Lower Back Pain to also covering Neck Pain, Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), Snoring, and Insomnia. Its product portfolio has expanded from one single product to over a dozen patented and patent pending products from listening to our customer’s needs. All products are registered with US FDA and Health Canada, and are CE marked in European Union.

Patrick Lee and Arnold

“Still the best product of its kind I have seen over the last 20 years.”
- Dr. James Cassillo, DC, New York

 “Ajuvia products are the best back and neck rehab products I have seen in a long time.”
- Dr. Erich Breitenmoser, DC, Los Angeles


Over the year, We have created an unique line of health products that are best-in-class world wide to help back pain and neck pain sufferers live better and more. Most recently, we have created the world's smallest personal sleep trainer and tracker which is to be launched through crowdfunding this spring. We are proud to have beaten our key competitor NightBalance that had been equipped with over 15 million dollars in venture funding, in developing superior sleep technology.

However, there is no greater achievement than earning the right to serve our customers. We have served, with some of the world's best-in-class products and solutions, more than 386,000 customers in over 20 countries, including USA, Canada, UK, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Scandinavian Countries, Australia, and Japan.

Our customers come from all walks of life – from licensed clinics, doctors, therapists to patients, from professionals to general public, from corporations to universities, police forces, retail organizations, and government agencies …

Ajuvia™ products have been professionally distributed through over 3,000 licensed clinics from New York to London to Tokyo, among which Dr. Sam Caruso, Dr. David Gryfe, Dr. Pat MacLean, Dr. Eugen Orlowski, Dr. Rob Silverman, and many more..

Some of the world’s most leading corporations such as Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Kaiser Permanente, BC Hydro, Bruce Power, Workafe BC, University of California, QVC, have been our happy customers over the years. We have also proudly served a number of demanding police departments across US and Canada, including Ontario Provincial Police.

But, our products are not for every one. We have chosen to focus on serving only a limited group of like-minded and committed people and organizations with something that is remarkably well designed, engineered and made, and is among the best the world has ever seen. And serving them to their fullest satisfaction shall be our greatest achievement.

Our Partners


The world turns every day on the energy of human passion. The artist is passionate about his work, and so creates. An athlete is passionate about her sport, and so wins. A mom and dad are passionate about their children, and so love. These passions drive us, give us purpose, and provide energy for real living.

But sometimes our passions are cruelly out of reach. Sometimes the most basic acts on behalf of our passions are too painful to attempt. Picking up a child. Swinging a golf club. Even sitting down to paint.

Neck pain. Back pain. Spinal issues. Sleep issues. All of these conditions are passion’s enemies. All work to disable our bodies and then our spirit. All, in short, represent life’s stop signs. But there is a defense. A defense without unnecessary medicines and debilitating surgeries.

Ajuvia™ is that defense. We believe in the collective benefit of human progress. Further, we believe that progress comes from pursuing our passions. And that’s why we make products that will help people rejuvenate, protect and boost their well-being from within so more people can better pursue their passions.

We help improve your body’s neuromechanics, which helps improve its innate healing ability and power; hence, its health, function, and performance. In this way, all of our products help to convince your body to help itself, so you can be free to pursue your passions, naturally.

Let’s get the world turning a little faster today. Rejuvenate your passions with Ajuvia™.


From the first day of its operation, Ajuvia’s passion, driven by Mr. Lee's enthusiasm to help people live better, has been set on researching, developing, and building Quality, Safe, Effective and Innovative products that deliver Real results.

Our mission is to help you  Live Easier and Live More.

At Ajuvia™, our customers always come first because it is part of our philosophy: Customer First, team members second, founder and owners third.

We take pride in providing the best in class customer service, because we understand taking ownership of our products is long term matter for our customers, and they need reliable support over the entire life span of their products.

We are proud of offering our customers best-in-class products and services, and we will continue to help our customers live easier and live more.


To commercialize our superior sleep technology, we have joined one of the world's premier venture accelerator - the Founder Institute, where our founder Patrick went through a 5 month intensive step-by-step comprehensive venture building process.

We are also a integrated member of the Toronto high tech community through our participation in a wide ranging venues such as FOUNDER INSTITUTE, TechTO, HealthTO, FFCON, COLLISION, etc.


Our community is critically important to us, not only because we live in our community, but also because we were literally born out of our community. The research and development process of our very first product and still our flagship product Back Vitalizer™ was created with the help of Ontario Centres of Excellence in Toronto. The initial assembly technology and processes were developed in collaboration with Ontario Community Living in Welland, Ontario.

Over the past 15 years, we have been continuously working with and supporting various underprivileged communities in Canada and abroad, through leading charity organizations such as Salvation Army, Community Living, Operation Eyesight Universal, Rotary International, etc.

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We love our planet, not just because it is where we are from, and where we are living now, but also because it is where our future generations will be living. We all love our children. We want to leave them with a best possible environment to thrive in.  

We are committed to make our best effort in helping protect our environment, and helping leave it to our future generations in a as sustainable and rejuvenatable condition as possible.  

We believe in reducing our ecological footprint / carbon footprint to the minimum we can. Our effort for protecting our environment and is in multi-folds: 

1. Eco friendly LEAN DESIGN

2. Eco friendly LEAN PACKAGING

3. Eco friendly LEAN OPERATION

4. Eco friendly LEAN MATERIALS

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Our specialties lie in spinal neuromechanics and sleep technologies, which helps improve your body's innate healing ability and power. Whether it is about sleep, neck or back problems, we have created solutions that are effective, easy to use, and can help you get your relieve and enhancement in the comfort of your home: 


Ajuvia / Perspectis is a referral-based innovation company. And as such, we stand ready, willing, and passionately able to serve anybody important to our ambassadors, referrers, affiliates by giving them solutions, coaching, advice, recommendations that matter, and treating them in a very special VIP way.

Sign up to our referral program at ambassadors.ajuvia.com.

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10% Saving for YOUR friends, patients, peers, followers - on their 1st orders

120 Cookie Days for ALL your sharing

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Sign up today at ambassadors.ajuvia.com.

Over 2,500 licensed specialists have endorsed Ajuvia's products.


Although Ajuvia™ products have been proven by over 2,500 licensed specialists and some of the world's most eminent professional organizations from New York to London, they are not for every one.

We have chosen to focus on serving only a limited group of committed people and organizations with something that is extraordinarily good, and the best in the world, because only the best is good enough for them. These exclusive individuals and organizations are those that aim to reach their fullest potential, serve others with the best they can, pursue their own life passions and physical well-being to the maximum, while staying away from drugs and surgeries.

If you are one of those individuals or organizations proprietary Ajuvia™ products and solutions are for, we want to hear from you.

 Write and Tell Us How We Can Help You Today