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Have a question? Please check the question links below. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-844-4AJUVIA or Customerservice "At" Ajuvia "dot" com, if you have any question that is not already answered here …

Q: Why would I be better off with an Ajuvia product solution?

A: 16 million adults struggle with chronic back pain each day in the US alone. Many of them have been 'getting wrong care'. We'd love to help them get the RIGHT care with our proven best-in-class product solutions.

  • Over 386,000 demanding back and neck pain sufferers and doctors have found relief and hope with Ajuvia solutions. Don't be left out!
  • Ajuvia products are clinically designed, engineered, approved, and continuously improved over a time span of more than 15 years
  • Ajuvia knows how your body works and what your body likes better than most manufacturers on the market today
  • Ajuvia products are the best in class and work for most people
  • Every Ajuvia product comes with 100% performance guarantee and Money Back Guarantee
  • Every Ajuvia customer enjoys the Proprietary Ajuvia support for LIFE
  • Ajuvia is a referral-based innovation company. And as such, we stand ready, willing, and passionately able to serve anybody important to our ambassadors, referrers, affiliates by giving them solutions, coaching, advice, recommendations that matter, and treating them in a very special VIP way."

“SMALL SHIFTS produce massive improvements and increase to produce maximum results!” - Tony Robbins
By choosing Ajuvia, the wellness and comfort of your body will be set on the right trajectory. Your body deserves the best and will thank you for choosing Ajuvia. Order your Ajuvia today.

Q: Where can I purchase an Ajuvia™ Product?

A: You can save money and time by purchasing your favorite Ajuvia product from a clinic or retailer close to you: simply search for such a clinical reseller in the “Find Retail Locations” section under the "Help" on this website by entering your zip or postal code. You can feel free to visit a clinic or reseller close to you, to test and purchase your favorite Ajuvia product. Make sure you call the clinic or retailer you wish to visit before hand, to make sure they have what you want before you go, because different clinics and retailers may carry different product mixes.

If you cannot find a clinic or retailer near you, simply place you order on this site by clicking the "Store" button on the navigation bar, select your favorite product, and order it, or call us at 1-844-4AJUVIA or (416) 595-1575. We will be pleased to serve you any time between 9 am and 5 pm Eastern Time from Monday to Friday, except public holidays!

Q: Can Ajuvia™ Products be reimbursed?

A: AjuviaTM products are officially listed as Class I medical devices in USA, Canada, EU countries, Australia, Japan and many other countries around the world.

When prescribed, they may be exempted from taxes, may qualify as a medical expense for income tax purposes, and may be reimbursed by public or private insurance plans.

In the USA for example, Back Vitalizer, PilateSeat, JazzRX, QiPillow, ZenSit may be eligible to reimbursement under the HCPCS code E0190. 

Q: What if my wholesale order arrive in a condition not suitable for resell?

A: We only use reputable companies such as UPS, FedEx, DHL GLS or Canada Post as our standard shipping carrier, depends on the country of the addressee. Any damage of goods happens only rarely.

However, in the interest of protecting your own interest, please examine all shipments before signing for the item.

If the package has obvious damage, then refuse the package. If you refuse a package for any reason, you must contact us by either e-mail or phone immediately. If the package looks okay, please accept the package.

If there is actual damage to the package from shipping we will replace the package at no charge to you. (If the item has been refused for another reason, you decided you didn't want it, etc., you will be charged shipping both ways.)

Please keep in mind, that while we will help you with damage claims, shipping carrier and damages caused in transit are unfortunately out of our control.

We cannot make any adjustments and/or you cannot receive any damage claim on the shipment unless you mark it damaged at the time of delivery.

We appreciate your business and are always here to support you. Please rest assured that we will make every attempt to help you and remedy the problem to your satisfaction, should any such event ever happen to you.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: Eligible returns are accepted within 30 days of customer receiving order.

In order to be eligible for return, all returned units must be unopened in its original packaging and suitable for resell.

All Returns must be authorized. Customers must get a RMA number before returning any product. Products returned without any RMA number referenced on the outside of the shipping box will be refused by our receiving department.

To avoid any surcharge, all authorized returns must be sent directly to our receiving department at the appropriate address as directed by our customer service.

Customers are responsible for any shipping costs, duties, customs brokerage fees (if applicable) incurred when sending the returned products to our receiving department.

The shipping & handling charge for the original order will not be returned.

A warehouse restocking charge of 10% of the order (excl. S/H) will apply.

A credit card processing fee of 5% of the entire original invoice amount will apply, if the original invoice was paid by credit card.

Any promotional offers with the original order will become invalid automatically when the original order is cancelled. Any promotional samples including the Sales Support Kits received by the customer that are not eligible for return will be charged at the regular price.

Refund will be issued through the same payment method the original invoice was paid.

If the original payment was made through Paypal, refund will be issued through Paypal subject to Paypal terms.

Refund will be processed within one week of receiving an authorized return providing that the returned product meets the eligibility requirement after our inspection.

Please contact our customer service department at (416) 595-1575 or (844) 4 AJUVIA (425-8842) for assistance. Perspectis Inc. reserves the right to modify the above documents at its discretion.

Q: Do I need to pay any duty?

A: This depends on where you live
- Customers located in the USA: NO.
- Customers located in Canada: NO.
- Customers located in European Union countries: NO
- Customers located in all other countries: MAYBE. Rates may vary from country to country. All non - US / Canadian / EU customers are responsible for their own customs fees, duties and taxes charged in their own countries.

Q: How much is my shipping cost?

A: To help you save your shipping costs, we have established warehouses in USA for clients from around USA, Germany for clients from EU countries, and in Canada for clients from Canada and Rest of the World. As a result, no matter where you are located, we will be able to serve you in the most economical way possible.

For your convinience, we offer flat rate shipping charges by country. Simply enter the country you wish to ship to in the shopping cart, the flat rate shipping cost will be shown immediately.

Q: How do I pay?

A: We accept Visa, Master Card, AMEX, PayPal and Wire Transfer for payment.

Q: Are Ajuvia™ products CE marked?

A: Yes, all Ajuvia™ products such as Back Vitalizer™, Neck Vitalizer™, Lumbar Decompressor™, SambaRX™, EquiliSear™, JazzRX™, Neck Heal™, ZneSit™, Qi Pillow™, SambaMD™ and Dr. Hamilton Hall Belt™ are CE marked.

Q: How to choose the right back care solution for you?

A: A right back support is important to you back. However it is not easy to find the right one for your back.

In general, an ideal back support for you need to have the following three fundamental qualities:

1. Adjustbale - to be able to adapt your back and seat instead of the other way around, because our bodies are not built equal, and seats are not built the same. 

2. Dynamic - the physical instability in the trunk while you sit is what made sitting into the "New Smoking". Dynamic support helps you reduce or prevent the physical inactivity in your trunk while sitting.  

3. Strong - only strong support can help protect your lumbar curvature. Foam or fiber based back support looses their support over time.    

To avoid costly mistakes, you need to ask yourself the following questions when choosing a back care product:
- Does it offer the above mentioned three indispensable qualities?
- Is it tested, used and proven by a large community of doctors instead of by just a few?
- Is it used by the doctors themselves? (Doctors know best!)
- Is it easily portable so you don't have to suffer when you are on the go?
- Is it durable and cost effective?
- Is there documention to substantiate all above?

Q: What is the bang for your bucks?

A: For a few nickels a day, your Back Vitalizer will effectively help you reduce back pain, improve sitting posture, strengthen lower back, and prevent end-of-working-day fatigue for 3 full years. And you will be preserving your energy, your youth, your beauty, your performance and your productivity. What is all of this worth to you?

Give your body what it deserves, today!

Q: How to inflate or adjust your Ajuvia™ products?

A: If you have purchased one of the  If your Back Vitalizer, SambaRX, JazzRX, Qi Orthopedic Pillow, or ZenSit, simply wrap your index and thump around the air nozzle, and breath in one or a few puffs of air, and close the nozzle firmly! You are then ready to test your device. Keep in mind that LESS (inflation) is MORE (comfort). If your Back Vitalizer, SambaRX, JazzRX, Qi Orthopedic pillow, or ZenSit is not completely comfortable to you, it is over inflated. Reduce inflation immediately. You may increase the inflation if you don't feel any effect from the device. With 2 - 3 trials, most users shall be able to find their ideal level of inflation and best comfort. 

Q: How should I use Ajuvia™ Products?

A: Ajuvia™ products are therapeutic devices that are simple but not simplistic. The right way of using them is critical. Your user instruction provide detailed information on how to use them. If your your health advisors provided you with some instructions, please follow them carefully. Otherwise, please follow the warnings and instructions in the user instruction that comes with your particular product.

Q: How to register your warranty?

A: You have three ways to do so. 1. The best way to register your product warranty is to go to the "Warranty" section under "Help" button on the navigation bar, and filled it out online.

2. You could also fill out and email the warranty registration form to CustomerService "AT" BodyRyzm "DOT" com. and

3. Fill out and fax the warranty registration form to 1-416-595-6438. 

Q: What is the warranty coverage for Ajuvia™ products?

A: All of our products are covered by extensive warranties. The warranty for your particular product is specified in your user instruction.

Most of our products that are distributed through clinical channels or directly ourselves are protected by our industry leading 3-Year 100% Performance Guarantee and ironclad 3-year Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty. Most of our products that are distributed through other channels are protected by our factory direct One Year Limited Warraty. You not only get an amazing product but also a peace of mind!

Q: Why are we so confident about Back Vitalizer's benefits to you?

A: The Back Vitalizer has been tested, used and proven by 2,500 leading doctors in over 1000 cities and towns from New York to London. These doctors are so convinced of the benefits and efficacy of Back Vitalizer that they not only make it available to their patients but also use it themselves. In fact, Back Vitalizer is one of the very few products that doctors both sell and use themselves. Doctors know best. Simply visit them and talk to them, and they will tell you how Back Vitalizer will benefit you.

The Back Vitalizer is the result of over 1200 experiments on the device – its functions, efficacy, designs, materials, components, manufacturing, usability, customizability and portability. Its research and development process was sponsored by Canadian National Research Council and Canadian Innovation Center, in collaboration with many leading doctors, researchers and engineers. 


The Back Vitalizer has become indispensable to countless people from all walks of life, from business executives to doctors, court reporters, senior governmental officials, classical musicians, dentists, sales professionals, athletes, from San Francisco to Sydney. Check out the rave review section on the product page about the Back Vitalizer. The unparalleled efficacy and benefits are yours to enjoy.

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