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We love our planet, not just because it is where we are from, and where we are living now, but also because it is where our future generations will be living. Considering the brief human history, we, the current generation, is only borrowing the environment from our future generations. We all love our children. It is our full responsibility to leave our future generations with a cleanest possible environment to thrive in.

We are committed to make our best effort in helping protect our environment, and helping leave it to our future generations in a sustainable and rejuvenatable condition.

We believe in reducing our ecological footprint / carbon footprint to the minimum we can. Our effort for protecting our environment and is in multi-folds:

Eco friendly LEAN DESIGN

We believe in delivering maximum results with minimum materials and energy. We pay great attention to the “PERFORMANCE / MATERIAL” ratio in our product design and engineering. “PERFORMANCE” refers to the BENEFITS, EFFECTIVENESS,  QUALITY, and DURABILITY of our products. “MATERIAL” refers to the material and energy required to deliver those targeted product benefits and effectiveness.

Superior “PERFORMANCE / MATERIAL” ratio not only reduces the amount of materials used, but also makes our products smaller, lighter, and more portable. Our LEAN DESIGN practice not only helps reduce the supply burden on mother earth, but also helps reduce the amount of energy required in producing, transporting, and recycling them in the entire product life cycle, hence dramatically reduce our ecological and carbon footprint.

While aiming for superior product PERFORMANCE, our product design and engineering process begin its very first step – conceptualization, with minimal material requirement in mind. Under the guidance of our eco friendly LEAN DESIGN principles, our products generally consume 50% - 75% LESS material than competitors’ products, while offering MORE functions and benefits, delivering BETTER and FASTER results, and lasting LONGER. This has been true from our first product Back Vitalizer to our latest invention CPAP-FX sleep solution.


Where possible, we use environment friendly biodegradable LEAN MATERIALS in our products.

For example, we use the eco friendly premium engineering material Polyurethane (PU) for the pressure- and weight-loading core of our products, while most competitors use cheap and environmentally toxic alternatives. In addition to superior strength, comfort, and durability, PU is excellent in its biodegradability - 53% degraded within the first 24 hours in a right bio-process, according to study.

Using superior eco friendly LEAN MATERIALS in our products does significantly increase our cost. However we believe that our customers and environment are well worth it.


We believe that an eco friendly LEAN PACKAGING should only be a fraction of the product it contains, in ecological footprint created, in other words, in amount and cost of materials used.

The unnecessary over packaging often increase a product’s ecological foot print by 200%-1,000%. It pains us to see there are too many over-packaged many products in the world.

Under the guidance of our Eco friendly LEAN PACKAGING principles, the pacing ecological footprint of our products have been kept well below industry average.


Low energy consumption is our King. Recycling is our Queen.

Where possible, we use environmentally friendly biodegradable LEAN MATERIALS, such as biodegradable or recyclable materials in our operation. We consciously chose materials and products that are recyclable or are made of recycling materials through out our daily operation.

We minimize energy consumption in each and every aspect of our operation possible. For example, we replace air or car travel with video conferencing wherever possible. We make sure that our offices are well insulated to reduce energy loss. We set our thermostat temperature a little lower in the winter and a little higher in the summer. We stay away from products that are over packaged. And of course, our LEAN DESIGN is a central part of our LEAN OPERATION.

We strive to maintain a paperless office environment by using digital documentation as much as possible. All recyclable materials are carefully separated and put in our advanced community recycling system. Our offices are cleaned with nontoxic cleaning products. All single-side printed papers are reused on the other side. We are even careful about the amount of paper hand towel consumed for drying hands in the washroom.