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Back Vitalizer Relief on Air Plane

Air plane seats are designed to initially feel comfortable in the average posture.

And guess what? Today’s average posture is not a healthy one.

Your seat on an airplane is not designed to properly support your spine on a long haul flight. Instead, it’s designed to let you slide into a sleepy slump, the moment you get on board. 

Holding a slouch longer than 20 minutes hurts your spine. Doing it repeatedly over a long haul flight will cause serious aches, pains, stiffness and fatigue to your spine and back muscles.

The only way to prevent and reverse this damage is to ...

Back Vitalizer Relief on Air Plane
SambaRX Back Relief at Work

Did you know there’s a single leading cause for back pain, obesity, colon cancer, breast cancer, pelvic pain, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, and fatigue?

Yes, ONE thing can cause all of these health issues.


Sitting is now known as the “New Smoking” because it’s so bad for your health!

However , there’s something that can help prevent these health disasters -- all-the-while sitting for hours in comfort.


SambaRX Back Relief at Work
JazzRX Back Relief in Cars

Imagine springing out of the car without pain or stiffness after a long ride.

Now you can eliminate the pain and stiffness from sitting in the car with JazzRX.

The JazzRX eliminates most back pain from driving so you can enjoy longer, more comfortable rides.

Clinically proven, JazzRX can help you relieve your lower back with in minutes if not seconds.

JazzRX Back Relief in Cars
QiPillow Back Pain Relief

Did you know that you can relieve back pain by sitting? As crazy as that sounds, it’s true.

Until now , sitting has been a major cause of back pain. The longer you sit, the more likely you’ll have back pain.

The pain is a result of poor support from seats and sofas.

But what if you could instantly change any seat or sofa into the perfect orthopedic support for your back?

Now you can turn any common seat or sofa into a therapy station for your back.

That’s right, now you can sit and heal your back.

QiPillow Back Pain Relief
Lumbar Decompressor Back Relief

Many back pain sufferers use a back stretcher to stretch their back muscles and decompress their spine in order to relieve the back stiffness and pain. 

Lumbar Decompressor offers all the benefits of a conventional back stretcher but, unlike conventional back stretchers, many of which are barely adjustable, Lumbar Decompressor is continuously and infinitely adjustable from "zero" to "maximum". This maximizes personal needs and comfort. And unlike conventional back stretchers that are made of hard wood or plastics, Lumbar Decompressor works with air and is soft, pliable,e and body-conforming.

Lumbar Decompressor Back Pain Relief


Best in cars and airplanes
Best in offices
Best at home
Strengthen the back and core
Lumbar traction and decompression
Use behind the back
Use under buttocks