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Landing Page Neck

Toronto Engineer Discovers Solution To End Poor Posture

If you suffer from neck pain, back pain, stiffness or bad posture - this new discovery may be the answer to your problem.
This breakthrough is also noted to improve the appearance and confidence of users.
However, the most notable characteristic of the new discovery is that it’s invisible and undetectable… Even to those who use it.

Rising Pain Epidemic In A Digital World

Is your digital device to blame for your pain and posture?
There is growing evidence that chronic neck and back pain is directly related to poor posture from digital device abuse.
Did you know...
Muscle stress and tension are 200% - 300% higher for most using a computer or a smartphone!
Chronic digital device use leads to poor posture, muscle strains and fatigue.

In fact, the problem is so common that these aches/pains are now referred to as ‘Text Neck’ and ‘Screen Slouch’.

Bad Posture Steals Your Youth, Confidence, & Beauty

What do the elderly and those who lack confidence and attractiveness have in common?
Bad posture.
Imagine the appearance of an elderly person - or someone who lacks confidence… Head forward, rounded shoulders
and slumped over.
Now, imagine a runway model strutting down the catwalk.
The Difference? POSTURE.
Bad posture leads to physical pain and zaps your body of youth, confidence, and attractiveness!

Imagine A Younger, More Confident You

Imagine having bullet-proof confidence to command the attention of everyone as you enter the room.
This is what good posture can do for you.
Imagine being FREE of neck/back pain and stiffness -- and having laser-like focus and energy to get more done.
This is what good posture can do for you.
However, you know holding good posture only lasts so long - and breaking your bad posture habit is nearly impossible.
So what’s the answer?

Posture Police In Your Pocket

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone tap you on the shoulder to remind you to straighten up as you start to slouch?
This would improve your health, appearance, confidence - and energy overnight.
Well, a recent patent pending technology invented by a Toronto engineer will STOP you from slouching or slumping,
immediately .
It’s just like having the posture police looking over your shoulder and tapping you the moment you start to slouch.
As crazy as it sounds , this new technology is invisible and undetectable, even by the user!