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Airplane seat spine torture

Would You Spend $169 to Quickly Eliminate Back Pain Caused by Prolonged Flying or Driving?


We thought so.

Back pain can be a dream killer. Like dreams of traveling to a special place to relax on the white sandy beach, or dreams of window-shopping at that iconic shopping haven, or dreams of taking your kids to Disney world.

Fact is, back pain can intensify for some during a long flight or drive because of prolonged sitting. Wouldn’t it be great if you could beat that pain and fear?

Now you can, and do so naturally.

Back pains that emerge or intensify during a long flight or drive are usually due to the following issues:

1. Poor spinal alignment that leads to compressed nerves in your lower back.

2. Muscle tension and stiffness that leads to spasms in the muscles deep inside your lower back.

Unfortunately there is no chair in the world no matter how expensive or ergonomic that can prevent any of the deep stabilizing muscles from tensing. Certainly not the seats on any given airplane or car. And this is where Back Vitalizer comes in.

BodyRyzm LifeSciences has invented a unique back support – Back VitalizerTM - that can solve these problems and rejuvenate your dreams of traveling. Here are the vitals:

1. It’s Adjustable: not all backs are created equal. Nor are our chairs. Some of us need more support while others need less, depending on the curvature of our back and the design of our chair. Neither too much nor too little support is good to your back. Back Vitalizer allows you easily adjust its level of support to suite your back, instead of the other way around.

2. It’s Dynamic: as comfortable as it may seem sometimes, the human body is not built for still sitting. As soon as we sit for 20 minutes or more, the deep stabilizing muscles begin to tense and stiffen. Back Vitalizer is designed to accommodate, and even encourage, the motion in your back to help prevent the muscles from tensing and stiffening.

3. It’s Air: Many back-support products make you feel good in the first few minutes of use, but then their supporting material smooshes and collapses on itself. Then, as the support is reduced or lost, your back curvature gets compromised which leads to slouching and spinal misalignment. This is the problem with most foam, cotton, feather, gel, or mesh based back supports. Back Vitalizer has been designed to overcome this problem and to provide consistent support throughout your entire flight or drive, as opposed to during the first few minutes only. That’s because we have figured out a way to use air, something that not only easily conforms to your back’s shape, but will not lose its shape over time.

New Back Vitalizer Pain Relief

Don't just take our words for it. Check out the rave reviews from our customers. Here are just two typical rave reviews.

”Tried all the seat back supports for over 30 years ... this is the Best!”

- Leslie Fox

“Still the best product of its kind I have seen over the last 20 years.”

- Dr. Casillo

And you don't even need to spend $169, Back Vitalizer does everything you need for only $59.95. guaranteed. Check Back Vitalizer out now.

Now go fly, drive, and enjoy what the world has to offer you.


1. it is ultra durable, and comes with a 3-Year 100% Performance Guarrantee

2. it is ultra versatile, and can work in any seat of any vihecle or airplane

3. it is ultra light weight, and weighs less than 11 oz. (310 g)

4. it is ultra strong, and takes the weight of a car

5. it is ultra portable, and can be folded flat into most hand bags and briefcases to go anywhere