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Back Pain can afflict on strong backs too

Muscular backs won’t get back pain?


Many fitness enthusiasts and athletes thank "I have a muscular back; so back pain won’t happen to me." False! All of us have 7 layers of muscles in your back. The fact that a person has a muscular back most often only means that the person’s outer layers of back muscles are well build and strong. However, the fact that the outer layers of your back muscles are strong does not mean that your inner layer or layers of back muscle are strong too. In fact, the deepest inner layer of muscles that is directly attached to your spine are made up by small muscles that are tender, sensitive, and in case of most people, weak, even among pro athletes. And when back injuries occur, it is almost always due to the injuries to the deep small back muscles instead of outer big back muscles. Similar to the fact that the strength of a chain is determined by its weakest link, the strength of your spine is determined by your deepest inner layer of back muscles. Going to gyms 5 times a week does not mean that you have a strong back. The correct use of your back is still the most critical in preventing back pain happen to you. Is there any way to effectively to strengthen the deepest inner layer of your back? The answer is positively Yes. Proprioceptive stability (or core-strengthening) standing or sitting are effective ways. In today’s sedentary world, the core-strengthening active sitting may be most practical to most people, because people are sitting an average of over 7 hours daily now. Why not to turn each of your sitting sessions into a therapeutic opportunity? If you are lookinf for a high grade professional stability seat, look no further than the SambaRX adjustable back relief stability seat on this website, because it may be the most practical and effective solution money can buy today.

Further more, the other weak link in your back is your spinal discs. Although they may be even stronger than your vertebrae in taking compressive impact during an accedent, they are highly vulnerable to repetitive strains injuries. Repetitive wear and tear, and inproper use of the back may lead to premature degeneration of your spine that may lead to disc herniation. This situation frequently happens not only to fitness enthusiasts or pro athletes who are engaged with a lot of weight listing trainings, forward bending motions, but also to office workers and taxi drivers, pilots and dentists.

It is wise to keep in mind the two weak links of your back when going about with your fitness trainings, daily work, or other activities. Please also keep in mind, that in today's sedentary society, sitting has become a leading cause for back pain.