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36 Common Misconceptions About Back Pain You Must Break – An excerpt from #MADBACK


A large number of back pain related misconceptions that are detrimental to back pain sufferers in their recovery and prevention exist. If you’ve read some of our other blog posts you may already be aware of these misconceptions. Go through the following list, identify which misconceptions you, or those you love have and take steps to correct them.

Explain to yourself why they are misconceptions, and get rid of them. Put them behind you. Imagine you are driving a convertible on a beautiful country road. Put all your past misconceptions in a bag and throw it into the air. Watch, in your rear-view mirror, the bag dropping on the road behind you, becoming smaller and smaller, disappearing and vanishing completely, behind you... By doing so, you will gain a new and stronger mind and confidence to deal with your back problems in the future.


So with no further adu, here are the 36 most common misconceptions about back pain


  1. Look ma, my back pain is gone. I am all cured now!
  2. Bed rest is good for recovery from back pain.
  3. Resting in a chair helps recover from back pain.
  4. Movement can worsen back pain.
  5. Severe back pain can paralyze my spine.
  6. I have back pain, it must mean that there is something seriously wrong with me.
  7. Taking painkillers is always the right thing to do.
  8. Visiting my family doctor should be the first thing I do when back pain hits.
  9. Conventional medicine is more effective for back pain than non-conventional medicine.
  10. If cold or heat packs, massage, and topical creams relieve back pain, they must cure the problem.
  11. If I don’t lift heavy objects, back pain won’t happen to me.
  12. I have a comfortable chair at work; so back pain won’t affect me.
  13. I know how to walk in high heels, so back pain won’t strike me.
  14. I am muscular and strong; so back pain won’t happen to me.
  15. I exercise regularly; so back pain won’t hit me.
  16. I am a tough guy, back pain is nothing to worry about. I don’t need to do anything to prevent it.
  17. Back pain only happens to older people.
  18. Back pain is inherited, no one in my family has it, therefore I won’t have it.
  19. I am young, spinal degeneration won’t happen to me.
  20. Intensity of back pain correlates to the level of damage to my back.
  21. X-rays, MRIs, or CT scans can tell what causes my back pain.
  22. I am struck with back pain, so I’d better change jobs or stay away from work.
  23. Chronic back pain is caused by stress or depression. The pain will stop once the stress or depression is resolved.
  24. Back pain often leads to disability.
  25. If no cause is found, I must have a psychological issue that causes back pain.
  26. I have to live with my back pain for the rest of my life.
  27. Severe back pain indicates that I need surgery.
  28. Prolonged, chronic back pain indicates that I need surgery.
  29. If none of the things I have tried work, I need surgery.
  30. Surgery is the ultimate cure for back pain.
  31. Poor posture, body mechanics and spinal alignment do not always cause back pain, therefore I don’t need to pay attention to my posture, my body mechanics and my spinal alignment.
  32. Big and cushy executive chairs are good for your back.
  33. Chiropractic treatment is dangerous.
  34. Surgery cures all.
  35. Fluffy sleeping pillows are good for you.
  36. Soft mattresses are good for your back.



      This post is an abridged excerpt from #MADBACK, your ultimate guide to identifying the root causes of your back pain, and eliminating it for good.