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Improving lives in over 20 countries, Ajuvia™ Life Sciences brings you the latest proven technology and solutions for your back, neck and spinal health.

Our mission is simple: We help you rejuviate your life passions, through a healthier body.

We help support and improve your health so that you can enjoy and reach your life's full potential and exhilaration your deserve. We strive to be your lifelong partner in your effort to keep your body in optimum health. You can count on us.

Our philosophy is straight forward: Customer First, Team Members Second, Owners Third.

Many new age companies proclaim that their employees come first, their customers come only second. They argue that if they didn’t treat their employees as first, their employees will not treat their customers well. We, at Ajuvia, beg to disagree. We believe that if customers do not come first, they will not be treated as first, no matter how well the employees are treated by their companies. It is just how the world works. Results come from actions; actions come from intentions; and intentions come from philosophy. This universal principle applies to both people and companies.

It is no secret that you our customers are our employers. It is you who is the employer of our employees, not our company nor our company owner. You are the ultimate employer of us all. Therefore, your satisfaction is our utmost concern.

It is also no secret that our employees are all what our company has, and are the force to satisfy your needs. Therefore it is no wonder, that our employees come up in out priorities, right after you our customers.

We are no Navy SEALs. However, in order to best serve our customers, we do have our own set of credos. What are they?

- Protecting the interests of our clients is our utmost priority

- Do to others as we would have them do to us- Work smarter, not harder

- Every extra dedication, no matter how small, is gold

- Team work is our soul

- Independent accountability is our pride

- We do what we say

- Integrity is our principle

- Devils are in the details

- Staying organized is our core

- Do. Or do not. There is no try

- Strive to be a model to others in everything we do

Founded in early 2002, the Ajuvia's innovations has been used and recommended by doctors, healthcare professionals and general public in over 20 countries on 5 continents, including USA, Canada, UK, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Scandinavian Countries, Australia, United Arab Emirates, even Ghana.

Over the past decade, we have served customers from all walks of life – from licensed clinics, doctors, therapists to patients, from professionals to general public, from corporations to universities, police forces, and government agencies, from retail chains to TV shopping channels, from profit to non-profit organizations.

The following are some selected sample clients of ours served in the past decade.

Selected doctors that has applied or recommended our products to their patients

Selected organications that had applied our product for their employee wellness program:

Our supporters who are leaders and shakers in their own professional fields:

Dr. Fab Mancini  Dr. Sal Arria   Dr. Jack Barnathan   Mr. Lee Haney  
Dr. John Maltby