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Spinal Torture On The Road: It’s Not Just You.

Your vehicle/airplane seat is designed to initially feel comfortable in the average posture.

And guess what? Today’s average posture is not a healthy one.

You would think they’d hire a professional to help design these torture traps.

Like a physiotherapist. Maybe a chiropractor, or even a spine surgeon.

Well no. That seat would feel strange to most people. And they won’t buy.

Bottom line: your seat is not designed to properly support your spine on a long trip.

Instead, it’s designed to let you slide into a sleepy slump, the moment you try it out on the dealer’s floor.

And this same principle applies to how most chairs are sold.

Holding a slouch longer than 20 minutes hurts your spine. Doing it repeatedly over time will destroy your spine and back muscles.

The only way to prevent and reverse this damage is to maintain a GREAT posture. Not just an average one.

No, you’re the only one who can look after your spine and back health, long term.

And that’s why I decided to take matters into my own hands.

My name is Patrick Lee. And at the age of 40, I was suffering from..

Debilitating back pain.

I tried everything:

  • a bulky back support that only made my back pain worse.
  • a plastic back pad. Too thin. Didn’t give enough support.
  • a rolled up towel that kept falling apart.
  • a rubber hot water bottle. Too heavy and not enough back support.
  • a neck pad that made the lower back worse.

During 2001 I was doing Warm Water Therapy. This meant spending lots of time taking warm baths. Sounds great, but I found my back got worse.

I realized the bath tub was forcing my lower back into a forward curve. Holding it there statically was causing even more tension and pain.

With an Engineering background, my mind went naturally to finding solutions, and I set myself the task to solving it.

After countless iterations of drawing, measuring, cutting, gluing, and testing, I came up with a totally unique device…

And was finally able to relax my back muscles without further pain.

Here was something I could use, without any extra effort, which gave my back exactly the support needed to allow the muscles to relax without straining my lower spine.

The first iteration involved a strong sheet of soft PVC, a tube of specialty glue, and two inflation valves cut from baby water tubs. A makeshift underwater lumbar support system.

By 2004, I had refined this into a patent to be used with most seating: for car or plane seats, and most any chair at home.

My mission was finding how to maintain a great posture.

But now I don’t even have to think about it any more. I have found a way to resolve this naturally, and would like to share it with you. Introducing..

The Back Vitalizer™

It works on almost any taxi, truck, bus, airplane or car seat. Upgrading a torture-device seat..

In 3 seconds

By using it behind your back, for example while driving, Back Vitalizer gives you a greater degree of free movement (unlike other static or foam supports), letting you exercise your functional balance, leading to..

Reduced lower back pain while driving.

“..I simply feel great after driving all day”

– Mr. Amos Schrock, Whitehall, WI (verified buyer) - 06/20/08

Sitting like this will gently engage your abdominal muscles, so you’ll be strengthening your core, without even thinking about it..

All while doing everyday activities like working at your desk, watching a movie, or having dinner.

  • It is adjustable. Attach it to almost any seat with it’s adjustable velcro belt. Can fit the needs of your unique body, or any other body: male, female, senior, youth, slim or heavy.
  • It dynamically supports movement. Inflate or deflate the air-controlled ergonomic core for the exact support your body needs, while still moving naturally. Finally ridding you of the tyranny of unnatural seats.

“Easy to inflate with a simple breath and the amazing seal ….never ever leaks. ..subtle movements as your muscles shift helps relax the back.”

– Leslie Fox (verified buyer) - 01/15/16

  • It is durable, with perforated fabricated leather (on the black side) and 3D breathable polyester fabric (on the red side), comfortably absorbing weights up to 350 LBs, making this a long term investment.
  • It is portable. At 17.7“ by 13.4” (and 3" at the thickest end), it easily fits in a laptop bag. And at only 10.4 oz can be carried with you, so you never need to suffer pain outside your home again.

“I have used a Back Vitalizer for 3 years and it has made a huge difference as I sit in meetings, at my desk, during travel and practically anywhere I need to sit.”

– Mr. Scott Luley, Ph.D Princeton, NJ (verified buyer) - 10/20/10

And just a couple of years after launching the Back Vitalizer, the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR)

Published a shocking discovery.

In a study called “Preventable Cancers Attributable to Physical Inactivity in USA 2011 Oct 24” they showed 21% of breast cancers and 30% colon cancers are attributable to physical inactivity while sitting.

As much as that caused by smoking. Which is why sitting..

Became known as the “New Smoking”

Which brings me back to the way chairs and seats are designed: they are made to hold us still.

Clinical studies show that within 20 minutes of sitting still, the deep stabilizing muscles in the lower back start to contract, shorten and tense.

They squeeze the vertebrae tight, compacting nerve roots, which in turn creates tension, stress, stiffness, fatigue and eventually.. pain.

Which means, if you can prevent those deep stabilizing muscles from tensing, you can start reversing this process.

There is a fluid naturally hydrating your spinal discs all the time, allowing your spine to move freely. This process starts declining from about the age of 19, after which your spine starts relying on you to physically move the discs for hydration.

This movement is called “imbibition” which happens during normal active life. It’s like the gentle opening and closing of a clam. And it stops working..

As soon as you sit still.

It requires conscious effort to sit in a healthy posture on a normal chair. Let go, and you’ll soon find yourself going into the familiar slouch.

But now you can simply sit on a Back Vitalizer, with your tail bone aligned to the rear edge, and you will receive the precise biomechanical support you need to have your posture naturally aligned.

You can simply sit in comfort, without any conscious effort, and receive a gentle on-going stimulation that will naturally counteract the destructive process of sitting still.

“It has made an AMAZING difference for me as I sit at my desk for hours on end..”

– Prem925 (verified buyer) - 11/11/12

It will enable the complex neuromuscular system around your spine to produce it’s natural adjusting actions (called proprioceptive action) for maintaining a healthy upright sitting posture.. just like having..

An invisible posture coach by your side 24/7

And you’ll feel this effect within 3 seconds of sitting down. It’s what your body instinctively wants to do.

Your deep stabilizing muscles will get the exercise they need again, and in time, your core and lower back will regain it’s strength.

“Back Vitalizer enhanced my balance while sitting as it is supporting the gluts and legs and no pressure on my lower back at all to keep my posture..”

– Mr. JIMMY DAVLOUROS, Chief Operating Off (verified buyer) - 07/29/09

This will release the load, increase spinal disc hydration, prevent the tensing and spasming, and finally help..

Relieve your pain

Having a Back Vitalizer means having easy and quick access to

  • a proprioceptive therapy device helping you reduce pressure in your spine, increase blood circulation to back muscles and spinal discs. And increase vitality of your back.

“..the back vitalizer relieves the back pressure of sitting. I use it constantly and highly recommend the product.”

– AZtoBC (verified buyer) - 07/22/15

  • natural lumbar support, without any effort needed from you, helping you relieve your back stiffness and improve healthy spine alignment
  • a seat stabilizer, giving you the freedom to sit on almost any chair while improving your posture
  • an adjustable inflatable posture wedge for your particular body seated in a particular chair, so you can leave your home without fear of being trapped in another torture device

“Perfect. I like the fact that I can set how much support I want and need depending on which chair I am sitting in. I take it with me to events..”

– OSC-AZ (verified buyer) - 10/24/14

  • a lower back stretcher working for you to exercise and strengthen the muscles needed for core stability, aiding in relieving aches, pains and fatigue

“The pain I had in my neck and lower back only an hour ago is gone! You can tell when sitting on it that it is really working out your muscles..”

– NikkiB (verified buyer) - 05/07/13

  • a functional balance trainer constantly giving you a neuromuscular re-education, while you simply sit and enjoy your daily life

But now if you’re wondering what the price is, you may first want to consider..

How much have you already spent on your back?..

Not just the money, but also the time you have put into maintaining a healthy, pain-free back?

And, going forward, how much more are you willing to spend?

Then the main question is not how much, but rather how much longer are you willing to endure this way of life?

Because not buying the Back Vitalizer could end up costing you more than trying it..

For only $59.95

And you can do that by simply saying here ... (with secure payment).


Click The Button Below To Get Yours and Save 20% Now!

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100% Money Back Guarantee

As of the date of me writing this, the Back Vitalizer has now helped..

Over 200,000 back pain patients from New York to London.

It has been a best seller with over 2,500 licensed back pain clinics in USA, Canada, and UK.

Which means you can even visit a clinic near you to give it a try.

The Back Vitalizer is

  • US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) listed
  • European Community CE marked
  • Health Canada registered
  • Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) Australia registered

And is protected by our..

100% Money-back Guarantee

Which means you get to try out the Back Vitalizer risk-free for 100 days.

During this time, if you feel (for any reason) this is not right for you, you’ll get a full refund. No objections.

And on top of that, you get our..

3-year 100% performance guarantee

If you find any workmanship or material problem in the first 3 years, you can return your unit for a replacement..

Giving you the confidence that you’re investing in a quality product.

So simply grab yours and save 20% off of our regular price  $59.95 each. (with secure payment).

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Take The 21-Day Posture Challenge


But, what about..

Back injuries?

While I always recommend you consult your medical practitioner before using the Back Vitalizer, I can say this about the majority of lower back injuries:

They almost always involve damage to the small internal stabilizing muscles, leaving the larger outer muscles in good form.

These smaller muscles are the deepest layer attached to the spinal vertebrae, and are crucial to maintaining spinal health.

Despite great advancements in medicine, medical devices and rehabilitation technologies, there has been no effective way to strengthen them.

But just sitting on the Back Vitalizer will promote the natural neuromuscular self-balancing movements of your body, which will aid in stretching and exercising these deep stabilizing muscles.

Which means if you are receiving clinical or therapeutic treatments, it will help you benefit from those treatments quicker, and for longer.

“I have had 2 back surgeries, and I use this everyday in driving in my car or sitting anywhere for long periods of time. I swear by this product. It really helps.”

– Diane Kneidek (verified buyer) - 06/28/15

Simply say grab yours and save 20% off our regular price  $59.95 each. (with secure payment).

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