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Claim Your FREE CCA/Ajuvia Holiday Gifts Now:

World's Most Advanced Kinesiology Tapes, Low Back Pain Relief Supports, and More

Have you tried the latest breakthrough in kinesiology tapes that doctors and patients are talking about?

Have you tried the world's more effective lower back pain relief support that helps 97% of patients in 97% of chairs and seats, and has already helped over 200,000 patients and doctors from New York to London?

Imagine how much happier your patient would be and how much more money you could make, if you had these effective weapons at your disposal. 

Thanks to our partnership with California Chiropractic Association, you can try out these proven weapons FREE this holiday season. Choose your claim from following options:  


1. Claim Your FREE Patent-Pending Breakthrough Ajuvia™ Kinesiology Tapes


- $20 Bonus Value: 2 FREE packs of assorted new premium kinesiology tapes (12 tapes)

Yes, Save Me $20 and Send Me This Package

These are not ordinary kinesiology tapes. They are the best the world has ever seen. With their breakthrough patent-pending Vu-Control™ system and advanced German adhesion technology, you will be able to control the consistency and durability of tape application for your patients like never before.

Notice the round to oval shapes on the tape? By stretching the tape to make any reference oval shape into a round shape, you can monitor and control the degree of extension and tension of the tape easily to assure consistency of your tape application over time.

Advanced German adhesion technology allows reliable and gentle application for up to one week of wear and tear with a single application.

Each pack contains 6 pieces of 10" x 2" premium professional pre-cut tapes: 2 pieces of Y shape tape, 2 pieces of X shape tape, and 2 pieces of I shape tape. (2 FREE packs per clinic only.)

Discover More ...

Ajuvia™ Kinesiology Tapes

A subsidized small shipping cost will be applicable for this stand alone offer. However you can get them COMPLETELY FREE (your symbolic shipping charge for the tapes falls away completely), if you would take the following combined offer:  


2. Claim Your FREE World's Most Chiropractor Friendly Low Back Supports


A.   $160 Bonus Value: 2 FREE Back Vitalizers™ with a wholesale order of 10 units

(Buy 10, Get 12 Back Vitalizers PLUS 4 packs of 6 pre-cut Ajuvia Kinesiology Tapes* - $160 market value FREE to you)

Yes, Save Me $160 and Send Me This Package

or ...

B.   $80 Bonus Value: 1 FREE Back Vitalizer™ with a wholesale order of 5 units

(Buy 5 Get 6 Back Vitalizers PLUS 2 packs of 6 pre-cut Ajuvia Kinesiology Tapes* - $80 market value FREE to you)

Yes, Save Me $80 and Send Me This Package


* Extra: 2 packs of FREE new kinesiology tapes per 5 unit products you order wholesale!!!


What's a Back Vitalizer™?

Back Vitalizer™ is world's Most Chiropractic Friendly lower back pain relief support. It has helped over 2,500 chiropractors from New York to London improve their patient care, patient satisfaction, and make more money.

It helps 97% of patients in 97% of chairs and seats, and has already helped over 200,000 patients and doctors from all 50 states of America and around the world.

"Tried all the seat back supports for over 30 years ... this is the Best! 
I have 3 (Back Vitalizers) and have used them for several years. Mine was recommended by my Doctor for my ongoing spine issues. I carry it easily in my carry shoulder bag and use it EVERYWHERE. Easy to inflate with a simple breath and the amazing seal ....never ever leaks. Great for airplane trips and using chairs in any location ... restaurants, outside benches, your home chairs and car seats. The subtle movements as your muscles shift helps relax the back." - Leslie Fox

"The BEST cushion! 
This is better than a previous back vitalizer I had owned. MUCH better, more durable, strong, versatile. These only need a tiny bit of air to float you between the car seat and you, and they help keep your body aligned. Great stuff. Glad I bought 2. My spouse had a hip replaced, and he does not like to be without this cushion, as it really makes driving comfortable." - Mary Anne Neubert

It offers the combine benefits of 4 essential products for a chiropractic patient:

        1. adjustable Neuromuscular Re-Education Seat (similar to a Pettibon seat, by sitting on it),
        2. adjustable Posture Wedge (by sitting on it),
        3. adjustable Lower Back Support (by leaning against it), and
        4. adjustable Lumbar Stretcher (a back bridge, by laying down on it).

And it can be easily adjusted to any patient and chair/seat. So one product works for all of your patients and covers their needs in all 4 essential therapeutic areas.

Due to its unique design, effectiveness, and portability, each Back Vitalizer™ in your patients' hands acts like a walking billboard for you, because their friends and other back pain patients often ask where they could get a one and be led your way.

Over 50% of margin on the product: MAP: $59.95 each; Wholesale: $27.95 - $29.95 each.

Discover more.

Ajuvia™ Back Vitalizer™


What's the Rave about Back Vitalizer™?

Back Vitalizer™ is loved by doctors and patients from New York to London. Watch the video below to discover what other doctors and patients are raving about Back Vitalizer™



What's More?

This offer is applicable to any of our products on (previously such as the popular JazzRX back relief orthopedic back support, and more. Simply call or email us (details below), and we shall help make your wish come true.


Still More?

A FREE Back Vitalizer Sales Support Kit ($300 value) will be yours with any of the above special Back Vitalizer packages, if you have never ordered wholesale from us before.

$300 Value - FREE Back Vitalizer Sales Support


Above special offers are available until the end of Fri. Dec 29th, but make your claim TODAY, because quantity is limited. Due to availability, this offer is limited to 30 units per product per clinic (Free units are extra).


How To Order?

Simply do one of the following:  

  1. Click above colored button underneath the offer of your choice, to place order online 24/7, or

  1. Send an email 24/7 to "[email protected]" with your coupon code "CCAHolidayGifts2017", your order quantity, and your contact info.

  1. Call us toll FREE at 1-844- 4 AJUVIA (425 8842), 1-416-595 1575, 9-5 Mon-Fri US Eastern Time.

  1. Fast and easy shipping: Our warehouse is in Buffalo, NY. We ship within 1 business day via UPS.

  1. Most payment methods are accepted.

  2. all gifts available to licensed doctors only. 

Yet More?

Yes, if you are interested in the world's smallest, most advanced and comfortable solution helping Position-Dependent Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) patients get 56% more and better sleep. This groundbreaking product has been in development for 2 years, and shall be launched in the spring of 2018.

You can save $80 by pre-ordering it. You could even get it for FREE. Want to be the first to have it? Want to get it and Save now? Discover more below...

“How To Get 56% More Sleep Without Expensive Mattresses, Pillows, Pills, CPAP Machines, Tennis Balls…Or Being Poked By Your Partner”

If you can’t sleep and you’ve tried everything, this information is going to expose the truth behind your insomnia.

Until now , sleep aids and sleep professionals have ignored the origin of sleep problems - only to create temporary fixes that rarely work.

However, recently, a Toronto engineer discovered the root cause of sleep problems, and a permanent fix to the problem that’s keeping you awake.

Why You Can’t Sleep

Insomnia is a big problem. In fact, it’s costing the United States close to 100 billion dollars annually in lost productivity and associated healthcare costs. 

Just think about your sleep problem and what it’s costing you...

Have you been less proactive at work… have you had less energy for your family and extracurricular activities?

Have you gotten sick due to insomnia, have you spent money on pills, pillows, mattresses, CPAP machines, nose strips, medications, etc?

Ironically, you can put an end to your suffering - and the spending on your sleep problem just by doing one thing.

The Root Cause Of Sleep Problems

The truth. Those who get more quality rest at night are more productive, healthier, and happier people.

So, how do you get more rest?

Ironically, getting more sleep is not the answer.

What matters is, improving the quality of your sleep.

And, you can get more quality sleep just by spending more time in the best sleeping position.

How To Get 56% More Sleep

Did you know you can get 56% more rest by sleeping in the ideal position for your body?

The two biggest enemies of sleep are snoring and sleep apnea.

If you or your partner has one of these problems - you know how frustrating it can be.

And, if you’re dealing with either one - you already know the trick to solving the problem.

It’s as simple as getting the person to sleep on their side!

The solution is simple, but not easy.

However, a Toronto engineer has just discovered the solution which makes solving the sleep problem super easy.


which is your choice for a better sleep?


The Super-Easy Sleep Solution

Did you know most major sleep problems occur when people sleep on their back?

And, just by becoming a side-sleeper you can reduce these major causes of sleep disruption by 56%!

This means more sleep - which leads to a happy, healthier you. And, your partner will be happier too!

The question becomes… How do you become a consistent side-sleeper?

Previous efforts have included nose strips, tennis balls, CPAP machines, special pillows, pills and potions. However, most of these have failed miserably.

Until now...


The CPAP-FX™ Sleep Performer

“The Sleep Solution That Fixes The Root Cause Of Insomnia”

Ajuvia better sleep solution

Before the CPAP-FX™ Sleep Performer, getting a good night’s sleep was awkward, uncomfortable, and expensive .

... You had used machines and hoses, uncomfortable masks and nose strips, special pillows, rolling onto tennis balls, getting nudged by your partner throughout the night - or worse, knocking yourself out with sedatives that leave you groggy the next morning.

Now , you can permanently solve your sleep problem by programming yourself to sleep on your side with the CPAP-FX™ Sleep Performer.

You see, when you sleep on your side you deliver more oxygen to every part of your body. This results in a deeper, longer sleep. However, when you roll onto your back you reduce oxygen - which eventually wakes you.

The CPAP-FX™ Sleep Performer monitors your sleep position every second you sleep… And, just before your roll onto your back it alerts you with a gentle vibration or tone - you choose.

How To Permanently Fix Your Sleep Problem

Unlike most sleep aids, CPAP-FX™ Sleep Performer trains you to sleep in the optimal position, and you won’t need to use it forever!

Once you’re consistently getting a good night’s sleep -- you know you’ve been trained - and you no longer need to use the CPAP-FX™ Sleep Performer.

The best part is, you don’t even know you’re wearing the CPAP-FX™ Sleep Performer.

- It’s super light-weight (1/4 oz only) and about the size of a beer bottle cap.

- It gently affixes to a comfortable headband (included with the device) that you wear while sleep.

The best part is, you’re being trained while you’re sleeping!

Track & Improve Your Sleep Performance

Insomnia has been difficult to cure because it's’ almost impossible to observe your own sleep performance without doing a sleep study.

However, with CPAP-FX™ Sleep Performer you’ll know your every move - every second of the night.

CPAP-FX™ Sleep Performer comes with an APP that sends you a report detailing how much time you slept on your back, your side, how many times you tossed-and-turned, and, it will track your progress so you know you’re improving.

Ajuvia CPAP-FX Sleep Performer

CPAP-FX™ Sleep Performer Is The Ultimate Sleep Performance Technology!

  • It’s light-weight (1/4 oz only)
  • Alerts you when you’re out of position
  • Helps you improve your breathing
  • Trains you to sleep better
  • Does NOT require lifetime use
  • Monitors your progress
  • Convenient for travel
  • Inexpensive
  • Improves your sleep performance
  • Improves quality of sleep
  • Improves length of sleep
  • Improves the quality of your life!


- Special Pre-Order Offer -

Right now, for a limited time ONLY you can save $80 on the CPAP-FX™ Sleep Performer!

The normal retail price of CPAP-FX™ Sleep Performer is $129 (including iPhone app and headband). However, if you pre-order right now you can get CPAP-FX™ Sleep Performer for just...


Click The Button Below To Get Yours Now! Note: currently app available for iPhone only!

Yes, Save Me $80 & Pre-Order CPAP-FX™ Sleep Performer


100% Money Back Guarantee

Try CPAP-FX™ Sleep Performer for 90 days and if you’re not 100% satisfied with your quality of sleep - or if your sleep hasn’t improved - or if you don’t like the device for whatever reason or no reason at all just let us know and we’ll send you a complete and instant refund. No questions asked! 


Take The 21-Day Posture Challenge

You can change your sleep habits in just 21 days with CPAP-FX™ Sleep Performer. Order CPAP-FX™ Sleep Performer today and send us your daily sleep results for 21-days. If you improve your posture - which we know you will, you’ll earn $10 toward your next purchase with us. You get paid to improve your sleep!

Wait...we’re not done...


Tell a Friend…

Help others improve their sleep. Tell a friend today -- and when they order CPAP-FX™ Sleep Performer you can earn $10 towards new products for each friend who pre-orders Sleep Performer. Tell five friends and your Sleep Performer is FREE . We’ll send you a $50 credit if five friends order CPAP-FX™ Sleep Performer. However, this is only during our pre-order event which ends soon, so hurry. Make Money: We'll send you cheques if more friends order CPAP-FX™ Sleep Performer.

Click The Button Below To Get Yours Now! Note: currently app available for iPhone only!

Yes, Save Me $80 & Pre-Order CPAP-FX™ Sleep Performer