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“How You Too Can Get The Restful Sleep You Need Without the Pains and Side Effects of OSA, Snoring, or Their Expensive Machines, Gadgets, And Pills”

Are you tired of sudden waking up from choking and gasping for air, or tired of your partner poking and prodding you every 20 minutes due to your snoring, while you're sleeping, or tire of waking up groggy and grouchy in the morning? Are you tired of the pains and side effects of the expensive machines, pills, or gadgets that supposed to help rid of your pains at the first place? Are you constantly tired at work and don’t seem to be as productive as you know you can be or want to be? And unfortunately you've tried everything under the sun to address it and nothing seems to help ... Well, Ajuvia is here to put an end to your struggle.

Ajuvia Sleep helps aspiring and discriminating Obstructive Sleep Apnea or Snoring sufferers cut their sleep apnea or snoring before they begin, through the world’s first and only restriction-free (smart wearable) technology, so that you can have a restful sleep and productive life again, without the pains and side effects of the expensive machines, pills, and gadgets.

We are here to help you live easier and more.

The Problems

The lack of restful sleep is a global problem. In fact, a landmark study published by American Academy of Sleep Medicine has shown that undiagnosed sleep apnea alone is costing the United States close to $150 billion dollars per year in workplace accidents, motor vehicle accidents, lost productivity and associated healthcare costs. Another study showed that 810,000 motor vehicle crashes and 1,400 fatalities that took place in 2004 alone were attributed to obstructive sleep apnea. Not to mention all of the personal issues that sufferers experience with their families, friends, co-workers and clients that arise from their inability to get a good night’s sleep.

So, stop for a minute and think about what your sleep problems are truly costing you . . . no really, think about it.

Unfortunately, there is no easy solution out there. Until now, sleep solutions could only provide some temporary or superficial relief and, in most cases, …

  1. fire up physical and mental pains,
  2. form lifelong dependency,
  3. trigger side effects,
  4. restrict the freedom of your bodily motions, even
  5. worsen sleep apnea conditions, and
  6. never truly addressed the underlying causes.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea Pains

The Good News 

A 2018 landmark study (Heinzer et al. 2018) found that 25% of 40 – 85 year old people have exclusive positional obstructive sleep apnea (AHI > 5). These sufferers can eliminate 100% of their sleep apnea before they even begin, simply by avoiding the wrong sleeping position – sleeping-on-the-back position.

But what about general obstructive sleep apnea sufferers? Another study (Heinzer et al. 2012) showed that they can cut their sleep apnea by up to 77.5% on average simply by reducing their sleep time spent in the wrong position, sleeping-on-the-back position, to 5.8% of their total sleep time.

So, the good news is that you can cut or erase most or the entirety of your obstructive sleep apnea naturally before they even begin, with no pain, no side effect, no breaking the bank, simply by avoiding sleeping on your back – the root cause of your obstructive sleep apnea or snoring.

You can ERASE or CUT MOST of your sleep apnea before they begin.

For positional OSA sufferers, avoiding sleeping of the back "is equivalent to CPAP in normalizing the AHI, with similar effects on sleep quality and nocturnal oxygenation." pointed out by one group of researchers (Permut et al. 2010). “Avoidance of the supine posture during sleep is simple, inexpensive and when adopted could represent an effective form of therapy for the vast majority of OSA patients (positional patients).” confirmed by another group of researchers (Oksenberg et al. 2018)

However, sleeping on your back is simple, but not easy, especially if you want to do it effectively and comfortably. This is where Ajuvia Sleep comes in. Ajuvia Sleep is a solution to help you avoid sleeping on your back easily, without restricting your freedom of motion, causing you any discomfort, nor making you look silly.

The Solution 

A Restful Night's Sleep Awaits You!

Before the introduction of the Ajuvia Sleep, getting a good night’s sleep was awkward, uncomfortable, and expensive. You had used machines, uncomfortable masks, nose strips, special pillows or even gadgets such as tennis balls on the back of your shirt, or worse, knocking yourself out with sedatives that leave you groggy the next day . . . Those days are over!

Now, you can address those sleep issues you’ve been experiencing by programming yourself to sleep on your side with the Ajuvia Sleep smart wearable device.

FACT: When you sleep on your side you deliver more oxygen to every part of your body. This position results in a deeper, longer sleep. However, when you roll onto your back you dramatically reduce your oxygen intake – causing your brain the deprivation of oxygen, causing you the deprivation of deep sleep, causing your heart the arrhythmia stress, and causing your cardio vascular system the hyper tension and pressure.

The Ajuvia Sleep technology monitors your sleep position every second you sleep… And, j u s t when your roll onto your back the device alerts you with a gentle vibration, thus helping you avoid the wrong sleeping position, and training you to sleep on your side.

 Ajuvia Better Sleep Solution

The best part is, you won’t even know you’re wearing the Ajuvia Sleep! It is literally set it and forget it, because …

  • Its super light-weight is only 0.2 oz (7g) – virtually weightless.
  • Its super small size is only about that of an average coat button, and
  • Its “Stick & Sleep” technology is easy and discrete.

NOTE: The easy part is you’re being trained while you sleep!

Easy to Use 

Ajuvia Sleep is easy to use. Anyone who can shake off water from hands after rinsing them can use it. 

Follow these 1-2-3 simple steps, and you are good to sleep:

  • shake your Ajuvia Sleep device to wake it up
  • stick it to your chest along the center line, and 
  • sleep

A Permanent Fix to Your Sleep Problems 

Unlike most sleep aids, the Ajuvia Sleep trains you to sleep in the optimal position, and the nice thing is - you won’t need to use it forever! Ajuvia Sleep is designed to help you avoid lifelong dependency of existing machines and gadgets. 

Once you’re consistently getting a good night’s sleep - - you know you’ve been trained and you no longer need to use the Ajuvia Sleep. Plus, if at any time you need to retrain yourself, you can. 

The Ultimate in Sleep Performance Technology!!

Ajuvia Sleep is very different from the existing machines, pills and gadgets, because it is …  

  • free of any pain
  • free of any restriction
  • free of any side-effect
  • free of any lifelong dependency
  • free of any invasion
  • free of lifetime dependency
  • free of fragmentation of the sleep structure.
  • “Stick & Sleep”TM easy
  • “Set & Forget” comfortable
  • invisibly beautiful
  • coach-like smart
  • mother-like gentle
  • weightlessly portable
  • far-less-than-a-dollar-a-night affordable
Ajuvia Sleep: World's first micro OSA relief device


Sleep Position Matters 

Sleep position is a vastly undervalued critical factor for human health. 

Wrong sleeping position is not only the leading cause to the struggles of 2/3 of obstructive sleep apnea sufferers, but also the #1 after-birth baby killer through sudden infant death syndrome in North America.  

Recent studies by doctors from Canada, Australia, USA and Ghana have also show that that wrong sleeping position is also the #1 cause for still birth and low body weight at birth.  

Last but not least, wrong sleeping position is closely related with back and neck pains.  

If you want to avoid wrong sleeping position in the interest of relieving your obstructive sleep apnea, mitigating the risk of sudden infant death syndrome, reducing the risk of still birth or low birth body weight, or decreasing the risk of lower back or neck pains, Ajuvia Sleep technology can help, because it can easily and reliably monitor, track, and alert any sleep position that may be detrimental to you.

For OSA sufferers, snorers, and pregnant women, the wrong sleep position is on the back. For infants and neck pain sufferers the wrong sleep position is on the tummy. For pregnant women, the wrong positions also include sleeping on the right-hand side. For lower back pain, your wrong sleeping position is determined by your own condition and the mattress and lumbar support you use.  

Stay in The Know 

Ajuvia Sleep is coming to you soon. The first units will be at half price. So sign up our email alert to be in the first one to know when the half price offer becomes available.